Referral Program Explained

Referral Program | “Signup”¬†

We offer a 25% lifetime residual commission on all referrals. Everyone is provided a referral link that people can click to ensure your referrals are tracked properly.

You can convert your earnings to shopping credits to buy subscriptions and rollovers from the site.

As an alternative, you can receive the commissions via Paypal or direct deposit to a Visa or MasterCard debit card.

You can login to your “Referral Account” and check your stats and setup your preferences.

Affiliate Recruiter Program

If you prove yourself with the Referral Program as outlined above, you can be promoted to an Affiliate/Agent Recruiter under our recruiter program. This is an exclusive “invite only” program and no one is entitled to participate.

In this program, you get 30% lifetime commissions.

Not only that! You also get a 30% discount on all your purchases. This can save you thousands per year on your messaging costs.

You also get to give away a special discount 30% off code to your recruits. They will get that discount on their monthly subscription price for their 1st 3 months of service with us. That helps to encourage them not to try to circumvent your referral link and helps you generate income on a much higher level.

However, the discount code will not work on Rollover package purchases.