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Mobile Device Advantages

Android App Features

  • Numbers – Use your phone’s number or get an anonymous Virtual Number
  • Phones/Tablets – Runs on any Android based device with Google Play Services enabled
  • Cellular/SIM – Runs on all Android phones with traditional SIM-enabled service plans
  • WiFi/Data – Virtual Number works when device has a WiFi or Data connection to the internet
  • Automatic Responders – Reply to inbound text messages on the fly with unlimited keywords
  • Timed Messages – Drip your message to any individual or contact group at set time intervals
  • No Reply-All – Your customers do NOT see each other’s phone numbers or messages
  • Land Line Scrub – Helps keep messages from getting blocked  – free with monthly plan
  • API Connect – Provides total integration into your server or cloud based systems


Android phone users start by downloading the app.


Import your contacts from phone or spreadsheet

Write Message

Write an amazing message that gets a great response

Select Group

Select the contact group you want to message

Send Campaign

Start your campaign by sending your message

Army Recruiting

This is the single best tool for my job of finding high quality individuals to serve our country in the US Army.


Great app!

I've been sending mass texts for over 3 years on several apps. I've been looking for the perfect app. This is it! Why are you still reading?! Hit INSTALL!!

Torian Salary

I would definitely recommend this app!

I am a power-user and have experience with the best companies offering such a service. Therefore, I hold the bar high with regards how the application works and the support I receive if I have problems. This is the most efficient program for what I do and the customer support is very personalized and they help you quickly fix the issue, if there is one.

Robert Berish

OMG!! Could it be a Dream Come True!!?

I have a land line biz number and pay for boring text forwarding to my cell. I decided to call this app about an upgrade, and I received hope & REAL answers!! I might just turn my business number over to a cell provider so I can use all the promising features!

Jackie Joy

Great App and Great Customer Service

This app has been incredibly useful and is easy to streamline after the initial learning curve. When we had a problem with the app and our email was overlooked, their customer service department called within five minutes of our second email to rectify the situation. The problem turned out to be user error, and they helped figure it out and gave us some credits for our wait. Very impressed.

Kim Colin

Powerful, Cost Effective, Easy to Use

The platform is user friendly. It has many interactive menu features that I can preset for various items in my retail buisiness. The specials really work and drive in customers. It's a direct marketing approach that builds on customer service, feedback and awareness. Highly recommended application to promote business. Best customer support team. THANKS TEAM!

Mary Jane

Great Service

Immediately answer, take time for all my qestions, give me great advice and big help. Strongly recommend you to use it.

Gergana Dimitrova

I too was having issues but no more!!

I have had issues like many of you. Together with the awesome cust service I have been able to identify my issues, fix them and get back to business! Don't give up, this app is fantastic! I wouldn't use or suggest anything else!! Thanks BIZ TEXTER!! You rock!!

Leslie Simpkins


Best Functionality & Experience

Android is the dominant mobile computing platform. It has server-level functionality and capabilities that no other platform can claim. Android can drive cars, fly aircraft, control robots and even act as an amazing digital assistant. The cost to benefit ratio make Android the hands-down winner.

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