What is the BT Phone and how do I use it?

We have forever been asked to create a solution to integrate the Android SIM number (your cell number) into the Cloud to show on the ID display for the text messages sent.  Yes, we were listening and it is here.

Let’s take a look at how it all works and what you need to make it work.

Install the Android App from the Google Play Store if you have not.

Go to Settings >  BT Gateway  (On your Android Device)

Set to ON.  This will ask you for the username and password of your CLOUD ( account

When you have logged into your CLOUD account you will see your Android SIM number in the number drop-down on the SEND page.  When you choose this number as your FROM number to send your message it will be seen on your contacts CALLER ID.

Messages are sent through your Android SIM, much like using the mobile.biztexter site so you must have your Biztexter App running to send the message or campaign.

All you need is your CLOUD Subscription or Cloud Paid Rollovers!

  • 2 Credits – Outbound Campaign Message
  • 1 Credit – Inbound Text Messages

Eventually, will be phased out.

Easy to Use with all the features you missed on Cloud.

No more data loss because you need to uninstall/reinstall the App.

No more lost inbox messages.

Log into your Cloud platform and add as many phones as you like, there is no limit.  For best results make sure that WiFi is enabled on your phone.

Purchase an UNLIMITED GATEWAY PLAN to add all of your devices for campaign sends.


Unlimited allows you unlimited sends through the Cloud with your android device/s.  Add multiple devices to your account.  Have multiple subaccounts for your phone blocks.  Have more questions?  Contact our support desk to get answers.


Credit Cost Breakdown

  • 0 Credits – Local Outbound Campaign Message
  • 0 Credit – Inbound Text Messages
  • 0 Credit – Automatic Responder Texts
  • 0 Credit – Drip & Scheduled Texts
  • 0 Credit – Per Voice Minute
  • 0 Credit – DNC Scrubbing
  • 0 Credit – Carrier Scrubbing
  • 0 Credit – Caller ID Look up
  • Free/Paid – Landline Scrubbing
  • 1 Credit – Email/SMS Notification
  • Free Browser Push Notifications


Android 2 Cloud Features

  • Smart Rotator – Distribute volume over # pool
  • URL Shortener and click tracking
  • Unlimited keywords & responder triggers
  • Team collaboration and message forwarding
  • Landline scrubbing & DNC list cleaning
  • Carrier & Caller ID Lookup
  • Call center software and IVR integration
  • CRM and Email software integration
  • Email to SMS Relay
  • Spintax and Multi-variant messaging
  • Remote Access Controls for multiple locations
  • Free & Paid Support Options