Cannabis, Marijuana & Dispensary Texting

In an entirely new and rapidly growing industry, you need a way to stand out from your competitors and maximize customer loyalty. Keep your customers coming back to the counter with money in hand with Business Texter.

Top money makers for marijuana dispensaries: 
Text your customers daily or weekly specials
Move old or unwanted inventory quickly with clearance text alerts
Maximize your foot traffic during the slow parts of the day with “happy hour” specials
Get the word out about new strains, hybrids and edibles. Get the BUZZ going!

Take our system for a test drive. Text the words “I am over 21” to 669-233-9047.

A quick list of our features:
• Powerful two way auto responders – Our software answers your customers questions for you! Reduce the number of calls and customer service costs. Customer texts in “how late are you open” and our software instantly texts them back your hours.

• You own and control the data – We don’t see any of your data unless you give us permission. Don’t get stuck with a texting company that owns your list and holds you hostage.

• Automated marketing features – Send texts automatically to customers on a timed schedule. Hands off and automatic for you the business owner.

• Already have a list of customers to text? Not a problem – Upload your list and keep them in the loop. Just make sure you have permission to text with the people on your list.

• No Limitations – We have no restrictions like other text messaging companies have. Follow your local, state and federal laws. We’re located in Washington State so we know about both the medicinal and recreational marketplace.

If you don’t know how powerful texting is…
• 8% of adults Twitter daily, 88% text
• 12% of Facebook posts are read
• 15% of Emails are opened
• 98% of texts are read
• 90% of texts are read within 90 seconds of being received
• 150 Times – The average person looks at their mobile device every day
• 16 Hours – The average person has their mobile device next to them