Frequently Asked Questions – CLOUD

Welcome to Biztexter Frequently Asked Questions.  Our team works hard to keep the communication flowing and problem-solving.  We do not expect to make everyone happy all the time, but we try.  The best way to contact us is by emailing or clicking on the Help Button located in the lower right-hand side of your screen.

Clouds Top Ten OR SO

I cannot log into my account. Help Me!

If you are having issues logging into your account, please check to make sure that you are logging into the account you want.  We have separated your texting and billing accounts for your convenience and safety.

Texting Account:

Billing Account:

If you have lost your password then you will need to click on ‘forgot password’ and a temporary password will be sent to the email address that you signed up with.  Your username will always be your email address.

If you just signed up for your Biztexter Cloud Account, your account may still be in order processing.  If you have placed your order for services on the weekend or holiday, your order will be processed the following business day.  If you are signing up for the first time and have not spoken with one of our reps to get your discount code for orders over $100 check your email for further instructions. 

Why are my texts not sending faster?

There are several reasons that texts can seem to send slow.

1. Look at how many virtual numbers you are using.  If you are using one virtual number to send out your campaign you are going to average about a text per minute to send.

2. Activate the Smart Rotator and make sure that you have purchased at least 5 virtual numbers.  This is best practices.  Smart Rotator Activation can be found in Settings-Advanced Settings-Number Settings  Using either Rotator feature allows you to send campaigns from all your phone numbers at once. It uses a smart algorithm for rotating through your phone numbers when sending campaigns. When recipients respond, it will remember to reply back from the same number.  Check the tick box and SAVE your change

3. Choose Your Rotator!

Smart GEO Rotator (This was our previous one. It’s slower but better)

Fast Random Rotator (This one removes all the functions and just randomizes the “FROM” number from your pool.

So, if you want to send a second message to the same group and you want it to remember which “FROM” number it used last time, use Smart GEO.

If you just want speed, use Random

Where Do I get contacts to send to? Export & Import to Biztexter

We often get the question asked ‘Where do I get data from?’  Well, here we will go over exporting data from your Gmail account to a CSV sheet that can be imported to either your Android Biztexter App or the Cloud App within your Chrome or Firefox browser.

There are several reasons that may interfere with importing your contacts.  The most common are the incorrect file extension.  That is the first place to check then you should check to make sure that your formatting is in place.  Keep in mind that the headers should read First Name, Last Name and Phone Number.

Make sure that you have checked the box to Opt In your contacts or you will not be able to send messages them.

If you have a large list of contacts there could be delays which may seem like the operation is stalled but give it a few minutes, it is more than likely just working on importing your data into the group.

Why are my numbers being blocked?

The most common reason that numbers are blocked on your account comes from the carriers flagging your messages as Spam.  Keep a close eye on the message ‘score’ which tells you if your message will register as SPAM.  Try to keep the SPAM score number as low as possible.  What makes your message appear as SPAM can be URLs and phone numbers in the messages.  How can you send a message without URLs and phone numbers you ask?  Try to place that information in the follow-up message.  If your message is showing as COMMERCIAL then you will want the number to be higher.

Canned Responses sent by Biztexter to my contacts sound stupid.

Save yourself time and money!  Always edit your auto replies and auto responders to fit your business.  We offer the templates for your accounts but you still need to edit them to make sense to your customers.  The easiest solution to edit or add replies and responses is use the import/export options at the bottom of your auto reply page.  Exporting will prompt you Open the Auto Reply Export CSV with Excel or you cn save your file to your File Manager .  Edit your replies and responses then click on Import to upload your edited replies and responses to your Cloud Dashboard

I need help, but no one answers the phone. Why?

Our Support Hours for Phone and Chat are 11AM to 5PM Pacific.   You can send offline messages to the support desk or email us directly at

I need my smart rotator activated please.
Your Smart Rotator Setting

You can activate your smart rotator in your Advanced Settings by clicking on Number Settings and clicking the box to activate the Smart Rotator.  Remember that you need at least 4 numbers to make the rotator respond properly.  Please SAVE your changes.


Smart GEO Rotator (This was our previous one. It’s slower but better response)

Fast Random Rotator (This one removes all the functions and just randomizes the “FROM” number from your pool.

So, if you want to send a second message to the same group and you want it to remember which “FROM” number it used last time, use Smart GEO.

If you just want speed, use Random
I ordered your service but cannot login? Why?

Check your email for updates that ‘Your Texting Account is Ready’

If you do not see this message in your email account then your texting account may still be in processing.  If you place your order Friday in the late afternoon or evening, your account may not be processed until Monday morning at the latest.

If your new order is 12K credits or above and lacks a coupon code or a referral code, your account may be on a brief hold while we contact you for identity verification.  Check your email for ‘Last Step for Biztexter Account Creation’

How do I know how many credits I have left?
See Your Stats here!

In your Cloud account ( you can click on STATS and you will see all the statistics related to your account.  See image.

I am so confused! What is a credit? Subscription VS Rollover

What is a Credit?

We use a credit system rather than a dollar amount on your account.  This seems complicated at first, but it is the easiest method to understand once it is explained.  Texts sent out on the Cloud platform are sent at a cost of 2 credits per message.  The higher your subscription level the lower the cost per credit.

Subscriptions VS Rollover Blocks?

We offer you two options for purchasing credits for our Apps.  You can purchase a subscription which will give you a paid number of credits that will expire after 30 days.  Your account will renew after the 30 day period and you will have a fresh subscription.  Keep in mind that if you have not used your credits they will be lost when the subscription renews.  Rollover credits are purchased at a higher cost of $0.015 but have no expiration.

Cloud General

How Does the Cloud Biztexter App Work?

The Biztexter App for Cloud enables your browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari) to act a text messaging server. Using the app, you can send texts to groups and lists of customers. Texts will come from the phone number of your phone as if you had messaged them one at a time, only the app does it for you. The auto-reply system can then respond back to your customers when they text back questions. The Biztexter App for Cloud works using your computer browser and stores your data, contacts, and settings on our servers.  Go to our texting platform at

To access the browser account you will find your username and password sent to you in an email ‘Your Biztexter Account is Ready’

Android VS Cloud Whats the difference?

We have two separate software systems so it’s easy to get them confused. We understand that is not your fault!

Here is a quick summary of each system and the pros and cons of each.


We have 44,000 registered businesses using our Android app. It works on your phone and therefore it can be very convenient and easy to use.

It works based on your SIM card’s plan with your carrier. That means it is much cheaper than Cloud because 1 credit equals 1 outbound text. Inbound texts are FREE but you have to put up with all the issues that come with SIM cards, Cell Towers, Carriers, etc. and that doesn’t include the problems caused by Android OS bugs.

However, you have to put up with all the issues that come with SIM cards, Cell Towers, Carriers, etc. and that doesn’t include the problems caused by Android OS bugs.

Typically our Android system is best for small businesses that won’t ever text more than about 5-10k customers a month.

We do have a web based system you can use to control your Android device. The login credentials are in the app’s settings area under your profile info.

The login URL is:

Android has syncing issues so this system is buggy sometimes. We are working on improving it but most customers just migrate to Cloud when they are at this level anyway.

See Android Videos:


We only have about 1,200 companies using our Cloud but they are all spending much more money than Android customers.

The Cloud allows you to buy large amounts of phone numbers and our Smart Rotator allows you to pool them all together so you can send very big volume in short periods of time.

It is much more reliable and less buggy. It is designed for serious texting with a focus on generating leads and sales.

The login URL is:

Android is a great place to start but we believe you will eventually end up in Cloud. It is more expensive but when something makes you more money than it costs, it pays for itself. 🙂

See Cloud Videos:


Both utilize our artificial intelligence system for automated responses to messages like a chatbot. They both allow campaigning and customer management but Cloud is where you want to be if you are going to send large volumes or you have many locations to manage at once.

Happy Texting!

How do I purchase a plan or rollover blocks?

You can purchase from our website, visit Pricing to see all of our pricing for monthly recurring plans and one time blocks of text credits. You can find pricing for both Android and Cloud here.

How can I see my remaining credits?

You can see how many credits you have remaining by going to STATS where you will see various statistics for your cloud account.

How will I know when I run out of text credits?

Biztexter will notify you with dialog at the upper left side of the screen in your cloud account.  You may also receive an email giving you a heads up that you are low on credits.

How does Biztexter charge?

Biztexter charges two credits for every 160 characters of text that are sent out on your cloud account. Inbound texts are 1 credit each. Your Auto Replies and Auto Responders can be longer than 160 characters and anything over 160 characters is broken into multiple messages.

Voice forwarding is a popular option and costs 1 credit per minute for voice chat.

Will Biztexter automatically charge me?

No, unless you have purchased a monthly plan. The monthly plans renew every 30 days and you can cancel at any time although we do have a 30-day cancellation policy (See below). Please keep in mind when canceling your subscription that you will lose any discount that you are availing. We always have special offers so speak with a rep today to see how much you can save.  Coupons may only be redeemed one time per user account.

12. CANCELLATION POLICY:  Monthly subscription cancellations must be requested 30 days in advance, prior to the due date of the bill or account renewal date, whichever is earlier. Cancellation request must be in writing or by completed by self-cancellation in Licensee’s account.  If cancellation occurs before the due date but within 30 days, Licensor has the right to convert remaining credits to Rollover credits at their regular conversion rate. Monthly Rollovers purchased at a discount are forfeited upon cancellation or downgrading if 30-day advance notice is not given but Rollovers purchased at full retail value are not.

Why Are We So Much Less Expensive?

One of our main missions as a company is to empower small businesses and professionals with cost effective tools that are normally only available to big business.

We give you options of using our Biztexter App for Android which allows you to keep your costs down and utilizes our Artificial Intelligence system for automated responses to messages.  Android will keep your costs down by using your phones SIM card to send out your messages.  All of your contacts, data, and responses are kept on your phone rather than on our servers which saves you money.

Once you have outgrown the Biztexter App move over to the Cloud where you can send more messages and have the advantage of keeping all of your information on our servers.

If you struggle with the need to have multiple users and devices on the App then the Cloud can eliminate those problems by allowing you to have an Agency account which allows you to have sub accounts under your primary account or have virtual assistants working on your individual account from different locations without the need of keeping your personal phone available while sending out text messages.

Can I use Google Voice to forward my calls to?

You can definitely use your Google Voice number to forward any of your voice calls to.  At this time Google does not allow 3rd party apps to send texts through Google Voice.

What phone number will Biztexter use to send out messages?

Your customers will see the messages you are sending from the virtual numbers that you have purchased through the platform. The Smart Rotator will use AI technology to always message the same customer with the same virtual number as long as the virtual number is active and does not get blocked by carriers.

What will recipients see when I send messages?

They will see your virtual phone number and your message. If you need to let people know who you are you can identify yourself or add your phone number in the message to call back (or both).  You should also consider setting up voice forwarding to your number listed in the message so that you do not miss any responses.  Voice forwarding calls cost 1 credit per minute.

How long can my texts be?

At this time we have limited initial messaging to 160 characters.  Auto Responders and Auto Replies can still be at unlimited characters in your messaging.  We do this to keep the carriers from blocking your initial message going as it can break into messages that seem to be TCPA non-compliant.

If you really feel the need to send out that longer text message to your customers please consider using our Android Biztexter App where you can send out up to 1,800 characters in a text. Keep in mind that the Android phone will split the message up every 160 characters (especially important if you have a link in your text).

Can I send a picture or an image with Biztexter?

You can send links and you can link an image, picture, website or social feed in your text with Biztexter.

Can my customers hit Reply All to send a message to everyone that is on my list?

No, ABSOLUTELY NOT!  When you send your campaign the messages are sent to each customer as an individual message.  The customer has no idea at all that your message, even though personalized, is sent as a mass text.  So if your customer does attempt to reply all to your message, you will be the only one who gets the message.

Laws or regulations that pertain to texting for businesses

Yes. By using Biztexter, you are required to know and follow the laws. The TCPA laws in the United States govern texting rules. Some of the basics (but not all) are:

1 – You have consented to text someone (verbally is not enough, they must text you or give written consent)

2 – You include a STOP or OPT OUT message at the end of your message

3 – You must honor the opt-outs every time, all the time

4 – Don’t text between 8pm and 8am

It is DEFINITELY illegal to buy lists of phone numbers and text them and is in direct violation of the terms of use for Biztexter.

If you have any questions about the legality of your texting strategy, we suggest you contact an attorney and seek a formal opinion.

Biztexter is not liable or responsible for your compliance with TCPA laws or any other applicable laws that may apply in your area.

Want to know more about how and why the TCPA came about? Click the link below.

How does Biztexter help keep me TCPA compliant?

Our app has a system to automatically remove most opt-outs. We use artificial intelligence to determine the intent of the inbound message and if the message is an opt-out, Biztexter will remove the number from all groups, place them in the opt-out group and send a confirmation of removal message back to the user.

Is double opt-in required by the TCPA?

No, there is no specific language in the TCPA that double opt-in is required.

Can Biztexter handle double Opt-In?

Yes, you just need to create a second “Custom” Auto Responder to create the second layer of opt-in authorization.

I want to cancel my subscription. How?

Please go to the following website to cancel or update the payment method:

Select ‘Subscription’ on the menu and proceed to view the active subscription. When you click on view, you will see the option to CANCEL or CHANGE PAYMENT on your account.

I cannot log into my account? What to do?

If you are having issues logging into your account, please use the last password that you can recall. Click on lost password which will send a temporary password to the email account that we have on file for your account. This is true for your billing account ( and texting account ( which have separate login pages.

I accidentally imported my new contact list to opt-outs. Help!

This happens more often than you think.  Don’t worry, we have a solution.

Go to your Settings tab in your Cloud account.  See Advanced Settings which will have your Daily Backup option.  It is a good idea to always let this be checked so that when you have that little mistake, you can just go to the ‘Restore’ button and you will see the box that gives you options to choose whatever you need to restore.  See Image.

Restore Your Backup!

Go to your Settings tab in your Cloud account.  See Advanced Settings which will have your Daily Backup option.  It is a good idea to always let this be checked so that when you have that little mistake, you can just go to the ‘Restore’ button and you will see the box that gives you options to choose whatever you need to restore.  See Image.

What to Backup!

We now can choose what date we need to restore.  You may have to search through a group of dates if you have had your account for awhile.  Here we see todays’ date is May 02, 2017 so we want to restore a date previous to the date of your last import (in this example).  I will choose May 01, 2017.  This should only be a few moments depending on the amount of data restored.

Using Your Cloud Account


No download or installation.  Just log into on your browser.  Import your Contacts.  Edit your Auto Replies and Responses to sound like they are coming from you.  Start sending Texts.  How easy can that be?

Bringing your contacts into Biztexter couldn’t be easier.  Simply go to your Contacts page, create a group and import your list.   You can export contacts from your phone, export contacts from your Google Mail (or any other mail) or create keywords to for your customers to opt in automatically.


Want to know general information about your account? You can find Stats on the main menu navigation in your texting account at  Here you will find Stats regarding your account.  Total Contacts, Monthly Credit Plan, Renewal, Monthly Credits Remaining,  Rollover Credits Remaining and more.


Cloud Texting This is where you will find options to buy credits whether you want to buy Subscriptions or Rollover Credits. You can also find convenient links on your texting account ‘Stats’ tab.  Find a convenient cost breakdown of our services.


You can save backups of your Cloud Texting Account to your hard drive or just set it up to automatically back up at a designated time on our server.   You also have options to add or update files quickly by editing the backed up files via your computer and then choosing to restore the files through the restore option.  You can also opt to make changes to sheets and upload them without worry of erasing other data that is currently on the account.


If you are experiencing issues with your Cloud Texting Account you may want to do a hard refresh which will allow any new updates to be applied to the account.   Unlike the Biztexter Android App, you do not have to have your Cloud Texting Account open to send or receive messages.

Importing Contacts
Add Contacts

There are two ways to add contacts to Business Texter:

The first way is to have people opt-in by texting to the phone running our app. They will be automatically added to the All Contacts group in Biztexter.

The second way to add contacts is to import a CSV file list of phone numbers into the app. The TCPA law has very specific rules about who you can text to and what is considered an “opt-in”. Please consult your law advisor if you have any questions. It is DEFINITELY not legal to buy lists of phone numbers and text them and is in direct violation of the terms of use of the Biztexter software.

Setting Up Auto Replies & Auto Responders
Testing Auto Replies & Auto Responders

There is a Test Group available located in the Contacts screen that you can add to your Groups and send test messages to.

Use the Test Group to proof your messages, test auto responders, troubleshoot connection issues and confirm your text as the proper encoding.

Two of the phone numbers (678 & 320 area code numbers) in the Test Group are robots. Whatever message you send to the robot, it will send right back to you.

To test an auto responder, simply text your keyword trigger to the robots.

To confirm proper encoding, send your message to the robot numbers. If your message is 160 characters or less and is received back as 3 text messages, re-type the message (copy and paste is a common culprit to this issue) and also make sure to use 1 bit characters (pretty much any character found on the US keyboard).

2 bit characters will also change the encoding. Characters such as ñ, ü, ã, £, €, ¥, ¢ ® will change the encoding. One text’s maximum character limit will now be 70 characters per text instead of 160 characters.

Opt-Ins & Opt-Outs

Opt-In means that your contact has agreed that they want to be contacted for more information or response from you. This can happen by importing a list of current customers or advertising to ask people to join your contact list by typing a keyword to your designated phone number or virtual number.

Contacts can Opt-Out

The app has an opt-out system and will handle removing people from the list for you. If they text you messages such as “remove”, “stop”, “cancel” the app will automatically remove them from the system and send them an automated notification that they have been removed. You can select which message they will receive in response to their request to be removed from further contact. Sometimes people may respond to the automated message and they will be opted back in which will cause them to receive more messages from you. You may need to re-check that they are in the opt-out group.

Removing a Contact

Click into Manage Contacts, click into the All Contacts group, click the magnifying glass in the upper right, type or paste in their number in the search box, select Done, and check any numbers you want to delete. The system will ask if you want to remove from the particular group, from all groups or delete permanently? Warning: If you remove the contact permanently from your contacts they may be imported in further lists.

Accidental Opt-Out

No Problem! Just have them text you with “Sign Me Up!”. They will be removed from the opt-out list and added back into the All Contacts group.

Android Send API Setup & Parameters

What is the URL for the Send API?

• Biztexter will provide the deviceID and the apiKey. You supply all of the other data.

• toPhone: destination phone number
• groupName: the group to send to
• fromPhone (optional): user’s phone number

• Send to a Phone Number

• Send to a Group
Landline Scrub API

The URL structure looks like this:

We’ll return a JSON response when the query is successful.

Linetype Parameters will be one of four responses: Landline/Mobile/Voip/Unknown
Status can be one of two response: True or False

If there is an error, there will be a message that contains the “Error”

Android Virtual

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual number is a real phone number that allows for digital modes of input and output.

We use a long code as our virtual number. A long code is a traditional 10 digit phone number.

With our Cloud Web App (browser based), you can select one or thousands of virtual numbers in one account (more numbers are possible, send us an email) and send & receive messages on those numbers. You can also have voice calls forwarded to any number in the US or your supported country. We are adding more countries so check with support for updates.

To Add a Virtual Number:

Click on Settings on the primary navigation bar in your texting account.

Then click on Manage Numbers.

Click on Get Additional Virtual Numbers.


You can click on GET MORE to bring up the Virtual Number area code search tool. Select a number from the list and begin sending and receiving immediately. At this time you are limited to choosing a virtual number that is within your same area code as your SIM card. If you are looking for a specific area code, please consider using our cloud service.

To Delete a Virtual Number:

Click on Settings on the primary navigation bar.

Then click on the Account Detail tab.

Click on Delete Virtual Number and select the number you’d like to delete and click on OK.

Each virtual number on your account costs $1.00 per month (100 credits) per virtual number.

Mobile Web Manager & How to Log In

Find your login information under Settings then View/Edit Account Info

The Mobile Web Manager for Biztexter (the tool that allows the Web to be an interface for the Android App) was deprecated May 25th, 2015.

Mobile Web Manager allows you to successfully send messages using the browser giving you the flexibility of importing and sending messages through your computer. To use this option you must select Sync Data With Web from the drop down menu in the upper right side of the screen on your Android device. Be sure to Sync data often so as to not lose important information. These two platforms do not sync automatically.

The only solution if you’re attempting to sync and the information is not syncing between devices is to restart your phone and try again.

If you’d like to continue to use the Mobile Web Manager, you are welcome to. Customer service is no longer supporting this feature, so if it doesn’t work, we cannot provide assistance.

To learn how to log in and use each feature, click here for our Youtube video: Features

Android Troubleshooting

Please Help Me! It's not working!


Take a deep breath, remove all hammers and objects of destruction, then restart your phone. Surprisingly this is a great fix for many problems experienced.
Check to make sure that you have cellular data service or an active wifi connection.
Check to make sure that you have the latest version of the Biztexter App installed on your phone.
If you are having problems seeing your monthly subscription, check to make sure that the email addresses match both your Google Play Account and your Biztexter Account.
If you have multiple devices on your account, delete all devices, uninstall the app and reinstall with a fresh copy.
For best results, go to settings on your Biztexter App, tap on ADVANCED MODE, check the boxes for API SETTINGS and SEND API LONG POLLING This will sync your account with our servers.
Cannot import your contacts? Check your file type. CSV works best.
Cannot send a message. Check to make sure you have an active subscription or rollover credits.
Still stuck? Download the latest version of Quick Support/Team Viewer from the Play Store and contact our support team. We may not need to access your device, but it’s great to be prepared.
If you have made it this far and love us. Remember we are only human and cannot do miracles even though we give it our best effort. We appreciate you for sticking with us through our many growing pains. Write us a GREAT review and give this coupon code (and copy/paste your review) to any of our support agents and receive a 1000 paid bonus credits. Coupon REVIEW1000

My CSV File will not upload! HELP

CSV files not uploading?

Check the name of your file. Does it have special characters like *, #, \? Remove potential special characters and try uploading.

Still having issues?

Check to make sure the file is actually a dot CSV file. We support CSV, TXT and XLS. Later versions of Word with XLXS format will not load.

Still having issues?

Upload your CSV file so the only columns are First Name, Last Name, Phone Number.

Keep getting an error that I have an existing account. New phone!

You will need to call our support line so we can manually update your account. Please call us at (855) 839-8137 or email us at