Law & You

By using Biztexter, you are required to know and follow the laws. The TCPA laws in the United States govern texting rules. Some of the basics (but not all) are:

1 – You must have consent to text someone (verbally is not enough, they must text you or give written consent)

2 – Include a STOP or OPT OUT message at the end of your message

3 – You must honor the opt-outs every time, all the time

4 – Don’t text between 8pm and 8am (recommended)

It is DEFINITELY illegal to buy lists of phone numbers and text them and is in direct violation of the terms of use for Biztexter.

If you have any questions about the legality of your texting strategy, we suggest you contact an attorney and seek a formal opinion.

Biztexter is not liable or responsible for your compliance with TCPA laws or any other applicable laws that may apply in your area.

Want to know more about how and why the TCPA came about? Click the link below.