Real Estate SMS Text Marketing

Texting for Real Estate Agents (Realtors):

Realtor Texting

Communicating with buyers and sellers:

Because our system allows you to group contacts however you choose, you can create lists of buyers based on needs. You can have a $150K-$200K group and a $200-$300K group for instance. When a new home for sale comes on the market, you can text out to your group the link to the online listing. (make sure you always send clients to sites that are mobile viewing friendly, most are these days)
When texting this way, be timely and sell the fact they are the first to know about this hot new listing. The 90% of texts are read within 90 seconds of being received, the average email over 2 hours. So by using texting you can emphasize the fact this is the fastest way to get timely info.
Another great use is letting your clients know if you are unavailable for a time. “I’m going to be at the Realtor conference this weekend staying up to speed on the latest listing strategies. My assistant Jennifer can handle anything you need, give her a call at ### etc”

If you partner with mortgage lenders, appraisers and home inspectors, you can leverage those relationships as well. “Tom from ABC mortgage just informed me that rates dropped 1/4 point over the weekend, if you haven’t gotten approved give him a call” Don’t overdo it though, use these types of messages sparingly though, you don’t want to over sell them on every tangent item.

Staying in touch with your previous clients:

One of the hardest parts of the Real Estate business is that clients may go years or even decades before needing a Realtor (you) again. Texting is a great way to stay in touch with low involvement and effort for both parties. Once you’ve finished a transaction with an active client, move them to your past client group (the Business Texter app allows you to group contacts any way you need)

Find a good source of ongoing real estate information and text that group of previous clients about once a month at most, once a quarter might be about right. You want to tell them something useful and home ownership related, NOT cheesy sales oriented. The idea is to keep you the most top of mind real estate professional they know, so when someone asks who they recommend or they need help again, you are the first person they think of.

Some examples of messages you might send to past clients-

  • It’s October, don’t forget to winterize your home and blow out the sprinkler system.
  • Summer is coming to an end, if you think you might sell this winter, make sure to get some great summer photos while everything is green. Call me if you want help or tips on great home photos.
  • The new home tax credits just went into effect January 1st, check with your financial planner about how to take advantage and some some money on your taxes.
  • Watering your lawn for 30 minutes every other day at night is optimum for our climate and will save you the most water.

Always sign your messages with your name to reinforce your brand and keep them very personal sounding. They don’t know you are texting 200 people at once, don’t write your texts like it either.

Local and Regional Realtor associations:

One of the more popular uses for the Business Texter app is with Realtor associations. A top 100 market will likely have a thousand or more Realtors in the area. The local association can use texting to keep agents informed about anything they need to, such as continuing education classes, license renewals, deadlines and important events.

With the built in auto reply feature, associations can program in the answers to the most commonly asked questions. A Realtor texts in to the association and asks “how late is the office open Saturday” and the app will automatically write them back with the answer.

Associations also use the Business Texter system to stay in contact with committees and leadership. You can have the members of a particular group opt in to that committee’s list, (the app will intelligently group them for you) then message them as needed. “Don’t forget, the Government Affairs committee has been move to Friday this week”

Property managers and apartment complexes:

One of the coolest uses of the Business Texter app is for property management. Imagine being able to text the 300 residents in an apartment complex and letting them know that the parking lots is being cleaned tonight and they need to move their cars, or that rent is due, or that everyone should be careful of ice build up and slick sidewalks from the storm last night. How often have you seen tacky fliers and posters taped up all around trying to get the word out?

Another amazing use for apartments and house developments is setting up the app to answer questions about vacancies and property for sale. Because you can create custom auto replies for any keyword, you could have a sign that reads “Text VACANCY to 555-1212” and the app will automatically write them back information about vacancies in the apartment complex. They can then ask about pricing, deposits, contact info or any other information they might want to know and the app texts them back instantly.
But it gets, better, each time someone triggers an auto reply, you have collected their number in a group by that activity and any auto reply can have custom forwarding set up. So if someone triggers the “Availability” auto reply while asking about vacancy, it will forward their text to your personal phone in real time and you can call them while they are there at the property and talk with them. It doesn’t get any better than that!

The uses in real estate for Business Texter are endless and powerful. Give us a call and we’d be happy to talk you through details on how to make it work for you. (866) 205-7781