Spin Tax has been integrated into the Biztexter Cloud Application to add more variables to your messaging to save you money.  Currently, on e of the factors that the carriers look for in messaging is repetition of your messages.  This results in messages being flagged and numbers being blocked by the carriers.

Criteria to take into consideration when creating your message using Spin Tax is that you need to limit your message to 130 -133 characters if you are using the URL Shortener.

Regular Example:

{How are|How’re} you doing {today|these days}?

Nested Example:

{{How are|How’re} you doing {today|these days}?|

{I hope|I’m hoping} today is going {well|great|good} for you!}

Basically, it lets you write multiple versions that are a lot different from each other. Then you can spin them so each main version has many sub-versions.

Take it for a spin!