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#1 Biggest Mistake When Texting Customers

Don't fall for the #1 biggest mistake people make while texting customers! Not only will it destroy your ability to generate fabulous returns but it can burn out your list and get your phone numbers black-listed. What's the mistake  you ask? Sending a solicitation on your first introduction is like demanding a kiss on your first date before you even say "Hello." It puts people off and causes them to think you are creepy! Don't be like that! How to avoid this mistake? Stop thinking of your list as "prospects" and think of them as potential new "friends." What would you say to a someone you just meet? It seems super simple once you think about it. Yeah, you just simply start with an introduction greeting such as "Hello," "Hi," "Hey there" etc. etc. This is also smart because phone carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. have algorithms designed to block "commercial messages" and they...

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