Virtual Numbers

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual number is a real phone number that allows for digital modes of input and output

We use a long code as our virtual number. A long code is a traditional 10 digit phone number.

With our Cloud Web App (browser based), you can select one or thousands of virtual numbers in one account (more numbers are possible, send us an email) and send & receive messages on those numbers. You can also have voice calls forwarded to any number in the US or your supported country. We are adding more countries so check with support for updates.

To Add Virtual Numbers:

If this is the first time you are accessing your account then you will see the option to purchase new virtual numbers when you log into your freshly created Cloud account.

If this is not your first log in then you will need to click on the settings in the menu on your Cloud Texting Account.

Click on Manage Numbers then choose the option to ‘Get Additional Virtual Numbers’.

You will be taken to the next screen that will allow you to choose how many Virtual Numbers you need and from which area code you need them from.

You will also see the option to choose Local Virtual Numbers or Toll-Free Virtual Numbers.

Local Virtual Numbers – 100 credits to purchase and 100 credits per number per month

Local Virtual Numbers will cost 2 credits per outbound message & 1 credit per inbound message

Toll-Free Virtual Numbers – 500 credits to purchase and 500 credits per number per month

Toll-Free Virtual Numbers will cost 8 credits per outbound message & 1 credit per inbound message

Select your preferences then click the Submit Button.

If you are purchasing one number you will get to select your new number from a list, or if you are selecting to purchase a mulitple numbers your will be taken to the screen to confirm your purchase.  Once confirmed then your purchase will be completed.

You have successfully purchased a virtual number.

If you are looking for Automated Area Code Matching, you will need to purchase numbers before you start your campaign so that the system can match the area codes in your contact list.